Loom warping and stamping

Aotai invested countless hours of research and development to create a modern and unique factory configuration to produce the world's highest quality high-strength door and window security screens.
Screen flatten and cutting

The steps in the production process of Aotai include cutting the grid and window frame to the required size, and fixing the grid to the assembled aluminum frame. Our premium products use a wider frame, which allows a larger area grid to remain within the frame, increasing security.
 Spray cleaning and spraying

Aotai specially designed online pretreatment process and powder coating line, our mesh has been independently tested to withstand 10,000 hours of continuous salt spray, which is equivalent to about 100 years of external exposure, no obvious signs of corrosion.
Glass platform inspection

When manufacturing begins, Aotai will re-check the input materials assembled according to the customer's order to ensure an accurate match. After the manufacturing is completed, the quality control team and the warehouse team act as the final layer to recheck all the details of the customer order.
Products packing

High-quality protective packaging is used in our entire product range. The various types of packaging are designed according to the type of product and the shipping method used in distribution. Aotai cooperates with a highly reliable network of shippers to ensure that all products can reach customers on time and will not be damaged.


AOTAI is the world's leading manufacturer of high tensile strength security screens, for residential and commercial applications.

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