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Quality control

Aotai security screen products meet the performance requirements of Australian Standards (AS). We have manufacturers of knife shear testing laboratories certified by the Standards Institute, and are committed to continuing to develop manufacturing technologies to control and improve product quality and value. All of our employees are committed to meeting our commitments to meet customer expectations and maintain ISO9001 procedures.


★ Aotai executes and operates many key quality control procedures throughout the design, production and manufacturing process. Our quality control process is unmatched, and we perform quality control at every step of the manufacturing process. These processes are supported by metric-based analysis and decisive responses to any problems. On all woven meshes, some raw materials are detected for imperfections.


 Aotai uses our own internationally accredited laboratories to test all the products we develop, and we also use externally accredited laboratories to conduct additional tests to ensure that all strict quality standards are met.


AOTAI is the world's leading manufacturer of high tensile strength security screens, for residential and commercial applications.

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